About Tri-Gemini, LLC

Tri-Gemini, LLC was started in 2005 when three top managers of Intech EDM completed a management buyout of the sinker supply business.  Tony Mucha, Linda Radtke and George Andrasco started Tri-Gemini to focus on the graphite machining and sinker EDM supply market.

Tri-Gemini continues the tradition of support of the sinker EDM market that was started in 1963 as Electrotools, Inc.  in Broadview, IL.  In 1967, Electrotools formed a joint venture with Alectro, Netherlands and in 1973, they purchased Havel Precision to increase their ability to machine EDM electrodes.

Electrotools and Alectro combined to form Intech EDM in 1989.  Intech EDM was purchased by Georg Fischer in 1996 as part of the Group that grew to include the premier names in EDM – Agie, Bostomatic, Charmilles, Mecatool, Mikron, System 3R and others. 

Tri-Gemini completed the buyout in October 2005, bringing all of the experienced machinists to Tri-Gemini.  Many of our machinists have more than 30 years of experience machining graphite and making EDM electrodes.  Tri-Gemini is a master distributor for POCO EDM graphite, Toyo Tanso graphite and Commonwealth Oil.  We also supply MicroGraph graphite, metallic electrodes (copper tungsten, tellurium copper, tungsten carbide), tapping electrodes, sinker filters and other sinker EDM supplies.

In June, 2007, Tri-Gemini purchased a 22,000 square foot facility in Hillside, Illinois.  After many months of renovation, we moved into our new shop in February, 2008.

We continue to invest in our people and equipment and work with the top material suppliers to provide our customers with EDM materials that are competitively priced and of the highest quality.  In June, 2013, we added a Mikron High Speed Mill with laser tool checking and in-machine inspection to continue to improve the accuracy of the electrodes that we make.  In March, 2014, we have added another Mikron to increase our capacity and capabilities.