Custom Machining

We offer electrodes made to your print.

Send us an IGES or similar file, and we will provide you a quotation. We have high speed mills, grinders, lathes and other shop equipment available to accurately produce your electrodes. Send your files to: with your contact information.

Samples of our electrodes can be found in our Industries Served section

Custom Electrode and Graphite Component Machining

  • Complete facility for manufacturing custom EDM electrodes to your exact specifications; graphite or metallic, as well as graphite components for non-EDM applications.
  • CNC milling, CNC turning and precision grinding.
  • Prints or geometric shapes transferable by IGES, DXF or DWG files.
  • Re-dress service also available


State Of The Art Dust Collection System

Tri-Gemini installed a new, high-efficiency, state-of-the-art dust collection system in 2008. That is one of the reasons that Tri-Gemini should machine your graphite. Keep the graphite dust out of your shop!  Our system was featured in a Case Study of Farr Dust Collection system.

POCO Graphite has allowed us to publish their article about Dealing with Graphite Dust.  We are set up to machine graphite, with special alterations to our machines and all of our machines attached to our large dust collection system.